Brand Journalism

Brand journalism for many companies includes telling their story visually.  This is where companies explore their own topics as they fit within other issues getting attention in society or among targeted populations. Brand journalism give companies a chance to go deep on topics, present issues in the context of business agenda, or the owners vision for the future.  It is a great form to foster social responsibility programs of the company or individual volunteer efforts of employees that are supported by the company or business. 

Verizon Brand Journalism Showcases Network And Community Contribution

Let’s take the example in the video below.  In this case, a bear researcher was looking for a way to monitor the habits of bears in hibernation. Two companies joined forces to provide network routers and data coverage to deliver a video signal to the internet.  The bears also gave researchers and the world something to see as baby cubs were born during the winter.   A camera inside the bear’s den brought the delivery live streamed on the web.

Verizon, the provider of the data feed to the web, used the opportunity to highlight their contribution the research, and featured their reliable data network. Something that video can do is take you to places, in this case the northern woods of Minnesota in the dead of winter.  It was brutally cold during our video shoot and you probably will need a sweater to view this video, but it’s the kind of situation where video is the best medium to tell the story.   It’s Brand Journalism at its most effective.