Crisis Social Media Is Real Time

In the first 48 hours of the Cecil The Lion crisis for River Bluff Dental practice the social media approach is a bit confusing. The crisis was created when one of the practice’s partners Dr. Walter Palmer acknowledged killing a recognized iconic lion of Africa during a big game hunt using professional guides, not far from the protected grounds of a national park. The Twitter stream seems so bizzare that I question whether it’s a phony or the real account of the practice.

It seems as though the logic is either to address the crisis with humor or double down on Palmer’s right to hunt, the critics and patients who object to just big game hunting be damned. What would you do?

Update: It is a fake Twitter profile posting mocking comments about the Walter Palmer lion hunt. The question now is what would you do from a reaction standpoint. Here’s a couple of ideas:

1) Get a place online to post accurate stories and refute the fake accounts

2) Issue statement to the press about the fake accounts in hopes that will be included in all new stories and linked as updates to previous stories.