Demo Reel

I know I know, this website has tons of videos almost all of them I produced.  Yet, I feel compelled to have a demo reel.   This is the first of several demo reels that highlight certain types of qualities I have as a production crew member.  For the most part I operate as a one-person video crew.  I capture video, handling lighting, record audio and when I return to my home studio, I edit, do voice overs when warranted, and add graphics.   Previous to the recording I also work with clients to come up with story ideas, research content, secure interviews, outline and write scripts.   Yes a lot goes into each video.

I am a former broadcast news videographer, reporter, producer, and editor.  It’s amazing how much technology has changed what we used to know as Television news.   Today, every person and company has the opportunity to create content.  We know it’s not as simple as push record.   Oh sure, if there is a street uprising, a sporting event, or a speech at a conference we can broadcast using apps like Periscope.   Here however, we are talking about the sustained production of content that compels action, educates potential buyers, trains employees or reinforces a brand.   Take a look at the demo reel and if you believe I can help, let’s talk.


A quick look at some critical capabilities of a one person shooting and editing crew. It highlights interview techniques in some more challenging settings. When I cover trade shows and conferences I usually get interview subjects on the go. We will set up in their showroom and I will work with the room lighting and supplement with on-board lighting equipment. I use a variety of audio capabilities including shotgun, wired and wireless lav mics. I edited highlights from video pieces i shot and edited for clients.

Also you can view the full videos from which these highlights were taken at the following links.
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