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Best Ways to Hire a Video Producer

It’s easy to get the right video strategy and video content for your objectives. We can work on a per project, over time, or in partnership with an agency. The capabilities of Give It A Think range from concept to distribution of video. Albert Maruggi has years of working as a one-person crew, can fit into a larger production team, or into a full-time retainer role in an agency or corporate environment.

Project Work:

Video project that needs a leader to produce and/or coordinate a team, or a single person to create the entire video.
Video editor, a situation where you have original footage shot by someone else or from your iPhone that needs to be edited into a professional piece.

On Going Limited Term Videographer/Producer:

This is a great way to go for a company dedicated to creating content for specific functions. Engage a video producer to help a company create a video strategy and implement production and editing for a series of video content. Usually this is a longer-term project that leads to an inventory of dynamic digital content that will last 12-18 months. The arrangement can be quarterly and is a great way to have significant focus on a project with deadlines and clear deliverables that will last the company a long time.

PR and Marketing Agency Partner:

This is a way for PR and Marketing firms to say yes when asked can you produce a video.   Yes, and do it with a regular relationship with Give It A Think.   Video once a novelty, then something you can do with a smartphone, now it is a necessary part of integrated communications for PR, Marketing and Sales.   Have a produce who will give you the same quality service, service you and your clients can depend on.  A producer who can get the job done as a single person crew to keep costs low, and one who knows where to go to assemble a more complex project.  What’s best about working with Give It A Think, it’s not a production house with high overhead.   We is me, Albert Maruggi.   I can be flexible with costs so that we (client, agency and me) are all happy.