Sports videos and basketball mix tapes are now commonplace. If you are a high school player that is not in the top 100 in the country, then you need a video strategy for coaches and recruiters to see you. You need, however, something more than a basketball mix tape, you need a video bio. We produced the first video below, Prep Hoops Network Relies on Mobile Tech, for Verizon which appeared on their national website. It featured the use of iPhone 6 by national Prep Hoops sports writer Ryan James as he used the Verizon Network and the iPhone to cover major prep basketball tournaments from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Albert Maruggi, video producer, conceived, wrote, shot, and edited the video.

Like anything in marketing you have to stand out. This puts pressure on doing more than just a straight mix tape with highlights and music. That means you need game videos, at least one half of play. I take it a step further using interivews, practice video, and something that shares the personality of the player. You can see this format in the second video below. The third video below is a long form series we produced about Prep Hoops called The Road To Personal Best.