Multimedia Newsroom

Reporters are great, treat them well. And — create your own media, use video for interviews, diagrams, and behind the scenes stories. Point is, if you are thinking like a news organization you’ll have more content to fit into a variety of applications that further business objectives.

Consider turning your marketing and communications departments into a multimedia center that serves PR, sales, internal training, customer knowledge center and more. Contact us to get a Multimedia Assessment of your organization. While video is a hot commodity, it’s not for every company and it’s surely not to be done as just another format for content. The Multimedia Assessment will provide a methodology for whether and how video can be beneficial for your organization. To get started on the assessment, request your Multimedia Assessment Checklist, there is no cost for the assessment.


Turning a single event into a digital marketing asset

The video below was a soundbite from a recognized agricultural scientist brought in by a company to do a presentation to a group of customers and prospects. They recorded interview questions to be used on their company blog. In addition, this link is sent to new prospects by sales to explain some of the details of their product. It’s a complex selling process which is why it is important to have many digital assets that inform and increase credibility. From this one event, we produced several pieces of content and incorporated into the education and selling process.

Trade show effectiveness and synergy

The video below was part of a content marketing strategy by a transportation company that ships furniture for retailers and manufacturers across the United States. This company, Orion Air Ride, features stories about companies and furniture industry trends on its blog. In addition, the stories are shared on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Orion Air Ride uses content produced by Give It A Think from major trade shows in the furniture and home decor industry. On many occasions the companies that are featured share the blog post and video on their social channels. In this example, the video below was posted on the Nathan Anthony Furniture Facebook page and the Nathan Anthony Twitter stream.

Mondrian Inspires Nathan Anthony Elan Collection